What’s Up Doc?

The Chinese curse – May you live in interesting times – is coming up daisies. Each day the occupant of the White House proves himself to be a trickster, and he is not alone in this endeavor. Rev. Earl W Koteen, Environmental Justice Minister, UU Ministry for Earth, will preach on the role of the tricksters and how we might turn the light of truth upon them. Worship leaders this week are Rev. Earl Koteen, Sharon Arpoika, April Guttierrez, Matthew Mason, and Karen Odell.

Noticing and Opening

As we intentionally notice and gently hold changes going on in and around us, we are able to open to both the grief and possibility that are a part of that. A balance of grief and hope can then help us to begin moving forward. Worship leaders this week are Rev. Erin Matteson, and Avonelle … Continued

Holding On and Letting Go

Whenever there is a moving from one place to another, some process of sorting and sifting occurs. The more intentional we can make it, the more we may be able to discern what is most important to travel with us to a new place, and what needs to be left behind. Worship leaders this week … Continued

Claiming the Gift of Newness

With time for good grieving and sifting, a new time in our lives can be a gift welcomed and claimed. Like new growth on a mature rose bush, fresh green or new blossoms can surprise us and continue to spur fresh energy and life. Worship leaders this week are Rev. Erin Matteson and Matthew Mason. … Continued