Wrestling with White Supremacy

Unitarian Universalists of color have asked UU congregations around the country to dedicate this Sunday to addressing issues of white supremacy, inside and outside our congregations. Worship leaders this week are Rev. Darcy, Matthew Mason, and Sabine Klein.

Replenishing at the Well of Fellowship

In seeking justice, equity and compassion in human relations with the goal of peace, liberty, and justice for all, we split our time and energy among many deserving causes. Sometimes we forget that we must also seek compassion and peace for ourselves. For many of us, the only place we replenish our spirits is at … Continued

Reclaiming Mercy

Our Jewish friends have just completed their high holy days, which asks people to take account of their year, looking for where we have fallen short, what we can celebrate, and how we can reconcile our relationships. Worship leaders this week are Rev. Darcy and Sabine Klein.