Religious Education Meeting Held Today

This afternoon following the regular service several leaders and loyal supporters of the RE Department gathered for a meeting to plan for the immediate and long term future of our RE program. Some of our long term leaders have retired or moved out of the area, and the RE Director position is open, so the immediate priority was to review the program’s needs and volunteers were then encouraged to commit to whatever they felt was doable for each of them. The general needs include RE Committee participation, curriculum review, scheduling and organizing the volunteer staff, meeting with new parents, registering the kids, maintaining the paperwork, and of course teachers and assistants are always needed.

Re-assessing and organizing the program takes a lot of work, and more volunteers would be welcome. You don’t need to be a teacher in order to make an impact. A lot of what makes our RE program successful is done behind the scenes, and during the week so if you’d like to be involved in guiding another generation of UUs as they grow from fabulous kids to awesome adults, raise your hand. Rev. Darcy and Linda K. have the answers to your questions. Please consider giving them a hand.