March Events

March 12th:

This is the last OWL session for the K-3 kids. Those in grades 4 and up will participate in the Jedi Academy.

March 19th:

This Sunday we will have an all ages Art and Technology class.

February Events

February 5th:

We will host OWL classes for the K-3 children.
The 4+ children will participate in the Jedi Academy.

February 19th:

This Sunday we will have an all ages lesson on Black History Month with Ken W. and Elaine A. Next week we will host OWL for K-4 and Jedi Academy for the 5+ grades.

February 26th

OWL program for the K-4 children and Jedi Academy for 5+.


January Events

January 8th:

(K-3) OWL classes begin. Parents are required to stay with their children during the sessions.
(4-5) and (6+) Joint Jedi Academy for both groups.

January 15th:

CYRE is hosting an impromptu Wild Card Day filled with Pokemon tournaments, games and fun!

January 22nd:

K through 12th grade students will engage in Chinese New Year craft activities. We’ll learn about traditional rituals, discover our animal horoscopes, and make a fun craft to take home!

January 29th:

Families and children who signed up for K-3 OWL and attended the orientation on January 8 will continue the program.  All other school-age children will be in the Jedi Academy class.

December Events

December 4th:
(K-2) Backyard to the Universe: Dr. Seuss and UUs
(3-5) Jedi Academy (6+) Jedi Academy
We have extended our collection of toys for the foster youth to December 4th. One small gift will make a big difference for a child who needs to know that someone cares. Items and gift cards can be dropped off in the breezeway in front of the Johnson Building. If you have items to donate after the 4th, please contact Seren.
December 11th:
We will have an all ages craft day. Parents can check out our newsletter to see what we’re going to make!
December 18th:

On December 18th we will host our annual Christmas Pageant followed by a Holiday Party in the Johnson building. Please remember to bring your Guest at Our Table box  to the service for collection. We are asking that parents please bring treats or snacks for your children to enjoy and share.  Please stop by to get pictures with Santa!