Ideas Needed for the Patio

We recently took out the seating bench in the patio behind the Sanctuary (no one was using it), and are now looking for ideas on how to utilize or highlight that area. We can’t really put patio furniture or chairs there because the sap from the tree will ruin them–so we are somewhat limited. Give … Continued

Religious Education Meeting Held Today

This afternoon following the regular service several leaders and loyal supporters of the RE Department gathered for a meeting to plan for the immediate and long term future of our RE program. Some of our long term leaders have retired or moved out of the area, and the RE Director position is open, so the … Continued

Covenant Group Try-Us-Out Session

Covenant Groups (you’ll also hear these described as Small Group Ministries or Covenant Circles) meet monthly from September through May. These are two hour gatherings led by co-facilitators on a given topic. The concept is to listen, speak from the gut and heart, and thus learn from and about each other. These sessions are one … Continued

Annual UUFSC Auction Coming Up

This year the Annual Auction will be held at the Fellowship on Saturday, October 21st. We will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Johnson Room for drinks and dessert, then move to the Sanctuary for the live auction at 7:45 p.m. Please be considering what you will donate to the Auction this year. Forms and … Continued

Who We Are

We’ve added a short video from the website to our own. It’s about three minutes long and is called, “We are Unitarian Universalists.” You can see if if you go to our Home Page and click on the box that says, “Who We Are”, or you get to it via the menu system by … Continued

Rev. Erin Matteson’s Sermons

For the first three weeks in July we are listening to the Rev. Erin Matteson, recently retired from Modesto Church of the Brethren. She has prepared a short series of sermons based on the topic of “Moving into Newness.” It’s something we all do, whether we want to or not, and she asks us what … Continued

Community Organizing Gathering

Two community organizing groups, Faith in Stanislaus, and Bend the Arc, have asked to use our church space for a gathering of community faith leaders, organizers, and activists who are promoting values of compassion, justice, and solidarity in the wake of the November elections. The gathering is a chance for these different groups to share … Continued

Have You Seen the Kites?

For the last couple of weeks we have enjoyed the colorful kites put up by our friend and regular attender, George Halpin. He is a kite enthusiast and these are real kites, not just an artsy installation. All can be, and are, flown on windy days. They’ll only be up for another few days. If … Continued

Covenant Groups End Their Season on a High Note

We have been running Covenant Groups for several years and they remain very popular. The Groups’ “season” runs from September through May and we take the summer off to recharge. This year we had three strong groups and the last of them met this week where the members (pictured in the upper right) had a … Continued

Another Successful Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting was held on May 21st. Although we had a full agenda President Matthew Mason kept us moving smoothly forward. Members had plenty of time for questions and discussions on the issues, and we were still finished in under two hours! Here is a recap of the highlights: The new Mission Statement … Continued