Dorothy Schmidt

d_schmidtLong ago when I was in college, I met a friend who introduced me to a Unitarian Youth group. I liked it and joined the large old Unitarian Church of Brooklyn, NY. Then I met my husband Roy, who preferred the Friends, (Quakers) but we compromised and were married in the Brooklyn Unitarian church. When we moved to California we joined the Modesto fellowship, which was different from the long-established Brooklyn church. We became active in the church. Roy served as Treasurer. We met most of our lifelong friends at the fellowship and have felt very lucky to have found them.

Bernadette Burns

b_burns_1Modesto is far more conservative than I ever imagined, leading my husband and I to consider the need to find a liberal church for our family. My primary spiritual path is Wiccan (seasonal/earth-honoring ceremonies) and I felt uncertain about joining a church. We decided to visit the UU Fellowship and found a small, warm, welcoming community of religious liberals that were only a little freaked out about my being Wiccan. They needed to hear more about the Earth-honoring path and we needed a circle of people to call our extended family. We decided to make the Fellowship our family’s religious home.

Marcia Gilbert

m_gilbertI was born and raised Universalist and during my college years I explored a number of other churches frequented by various friends. I found them all way too restrictive and exclusive. Here at UUFSC I have to check neither my brain nor my sensitivities at the door. My liberal religious beliefs are clearly stated in the Purposes and Principles of UUism. I am constantly encouraged to keep an open mind and to search for truth and peaceful ways of living as a human being.

Bob Santos

b_santosUUFSC allows me to express some of the same values I felt during the 60’s, particularly as they relate to civil rights and social justice. Concepts of respect for the rights of others, tolerance, and equality are basic to the church, and easily apply to such issues as homelessness and sexual orientation. I enjoy the building and grounds projects, and the many opportunities to relate with others either in church, on planning committees, or at socials.

Dave Tucker

d_tucker_120I joined the fellowship because there was a warm and witty and wonderful woman there who subsequently became my wife!

Fred Herman

f_herman_2In the fall of 1967 I saw a news item that college librarian Dean Galloway would do a Sunday talk for UUs on “Censorship and the Tropic of Cancer.” Months later I came back for Rev. Boyd Tucker reviewing a “green” book by Stuart Udall. Finally hooked, I found a forum for ideas, a conduit for saving the world and a home for spiritual fruitcakes like me. I came to Unitarianism unchurched, while most of us came when they finally rejected old creeds and dogmas.